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About Us

 We are a small family business based out of Grafton, NSW, Australia. For several years we have been hard at work sourcing the best quality resins and pigments to use in our pots. We don't dropship our products from China or anywhere else, all our pots are made by us, in our workshop here in Australia. 

 Being avid succulent growers and collectors, we saw a need for Australian made pots, as all the pots that we purchased were Chinese made and quiet frankly, cheap. Many of the pots we ordered arrived broken, so we decided to make our own pots from resin and turned our hobby into a business.

 For the last couple of years, we have narrowed the search for a safe resin to use as my wife, as we found out the hard way, is allergic to some resins. We discovered a resin produced by an Australian manufactured Barnes. This resin is also food grade so it is safe to use on cutting boards for example. We have planted numerous types of succulents and small plants in pots made from the Barnes resin and have had no adverse reactions to either the plants or the wife. She hasn't had any allergic reactions while working with the resin as she is the one that creates the layered pots. So as well as being a superior resin in terms of ruggedness it has so far been the safest for the plants and their survivability. 

 Our mission is to bring you top notch succulent pots using only premium quality Australian made resin to produce handmade pots right here in Australia, coupled with the best customer service we can muster.

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Happy gardening from our family to yours.